Sectoral Operational Programme

“Increase of Economic Competitiveness | Investing in your future”






In order to extend the scope of its activity, HD Networking Company has applied for European funds. The project that we have obtained financing is entitled ,,Efficiencies SC HD NETWORKING SRL by acquiring technological equipment necessary for the provision of specific services construction works “. Its total value was 1,542,637.67 RON and it had an implementation period of 12 months.

Project purpose

The project is funded by the Sectoral Operational Programme “Increase of Economic Competitiveness” (SOP IEC) 2007-2013, Priority Axis 1, Key Area of Intervention 1.1 DM, Operation a) Increasing the efficiency of SC HD NETWORKING SRL by acquiring equipment and eco-efficient technological equipment (tangible) to seize opportunities grant awarded to SMEs.

The overall objective

Increasing the economic competitiveness of HD NETWORKING SRL SC upholding the principles of sustainable development and reducing productivity gaps compared to the other regions of the country – mainly at general EU level. We consider developing the company’s business and increasing efficiency in completing the work in the field of design, authorization, execution and implementation of telecommunications networks.


Strengthening and sustainable development of SC HD NETWORKING SRL and increase its competitiveness by harnessing the productive sector to achieve tangible one. Also, in order to increase competitiveness, productivity and the turnover of the company and facilitate the creation of new jobs, we aim to purchase equipment and technological equipment.

Acquisitions under the project:
→ Fiber optic measuring device;
→ Fiber welding machine;
→ Fiber cutting machine;
→ Fiber optic tool kit;
→ 8 Kva Generator;
→ Concrete Cutting Machine – asphalt;
→ Rammer;
→ Backhoe;
→ Cable Analyzer;
→ Equipment trencher;
→ Pneumatic Drill;
→ Cable drum trailer;
→ Fiber blowing equipment;
→ Motor-driven compressor 10 m³/min.

The benefits obtained by the company due to project implementation

Thought the funds accessed by HD Networking Company, it purchased new machines that complete the list of fixed assets and ensures that company will provide a wide range of services. Finally, this process will increase productivity and turnover.


Competitive advantages achieved by implementing the project

Following the purchase of machinery and equipment performance, HD Networking Company is able to position themselves strategically in relation with the main competitors in the region with the same activity. Also, by expanding the portfolio of services offered to customers through increased work capacity and full completion of the contracted work (from design, approval, implementation and deployment, to maintenance of telecommunications networks) HD Networking Company differs from other companies in the region, consistently identifying customer preferences.


Design and network authorization

→ Studies and optimization solutions for telecommunication networks;

→ Design and implementation of communication systems;

→ Obtaining permits for power supply line;

→ Obtaining permits for building telecommunication networks;

→ Documenting about telecommunication networks using MapInfo and NMS.

Telecommunication networks execution

→ Installation of fiber optic network;
→ Installation and configuration of telecommunications equipment;
→ Design and construction pillars for mobile;
→ Structured cabling.

Telecommunication networks implementation

→ Testing and commissioning of fiber optic circuit installed;
→ Dispatching and maintenance of telecommunications networks.


Technological flow

Following the implementation of the investment plan, technological flow – construction works in the field of utility projects for electricity and telecommunication – has not changed significantly. Our services were provided in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, higher than previous achieved company performances.

Operational flow includes the same steps as regarding developed activities:

- Customer identification;

- Presenting to each client an offer price (negotiable);

- Proper execution of the work;

- Cashing the contract;

- Maintain partnership with the client after completion.

The benefits of HD Networking Company through the co-funded project implementation are diverse and significant. First, the quality of services we provide has grown since we acquired, through accessed funds, the best equipment on the market.

Secondly, the profit was streamlined, dramatically decreasing the time required to complete projects. Thanks to cutting-edge equipment that we have and the number of machines, we are able to operate several jobs simultaneously in optimum conditions, in strict compliance with deadlines.