About us

HD Networking Company was founded in 2006 to become, in time, a reference point in telecommunication area. The portfolio that HD Networking provides to their clients includes a wide range of services for the telecommunication networks. HD Networking is a trustful partner that offers you qualitative services through all stages of completion: from conception to implementation and exploitation.

        HD Networking is a national company which has equipment and the latest technological amenities. It offers its clients integrated solutions for projection, authorization and building fiber networks, coax or structured communication links via radio and microwave transmissions.


      HD Networking mission consists in identification and development of performed technical methods, relevant for bringing telecommunication networks to new qualitative and competitive standards. Also, HD Networking is intended to understand more accurate the needs of its clients, to offer them appropriate and costumed solutions, qualitative services in terms of profitability. Only following this strategic itinerary we will reach the apogee in telecommunication area.


      We are seeking to become a prestigious group of firms, international recognized, to represent a pillar in supporting and developing the telecommunication domain. Our company reputation will be built through the professionalism wherewith we will approach our clients, through the perpetual quality of our products and services and our employments assiduous preparation.